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This page is a collection of projects and movement disciplines I have had the pleasure to explore.

Movement is a powerful tool and language for us to utilize as a way to connect with each other, build communities, heal and explore in our creativity. I firmly believe it goes beyond just a "work out" that you check off your list. 


REI in Maine

Capturing the moments in scenic Maine with REI. There is something absolutely peaceful about jogging by the water with the fog rolling in the early morning.

Central Mass 5

Caught in the middle of a closed-off road performing a coleman slide at the Central Mass skate festival.


Central Mass was a 3-day, all-disciplines skate festival in Harvard, MA. Skaters from all over the country  traveled to participate in the competition and share their passion for skating. The days were broken up into 3 categories: speed race, downhill freestyle & big air. I was lucky enough to catch one of the last annual events before they discontinued.

Thriller Flashmob

BSO Thrill Ride

This was truly a unique performance in partnership with Boston Symphony Orchestra & Hoopla Productions. After a couple of years directing a small dance project on my own (halloween flashmob) where it took place in the streets of Boston and Halloween events. It eventually gained some traction and I had the opportunity to direct & perform something quite unique with musicians from The Boston Symphony Orchestra & The Boston Pops.

After a long year of planning with the producers from Hoopla, Mindy Fried & Marie Ghitman and BSO, we successfully launched our first "BSO Thrill Ride" where we traveled in a trolly filled with musicians and dancers to surprise the neighborhood.

BSO Thrill Ride
BSO thrill Ride

Our debut took place in front of the famous Symphony Hall in Boston, spooking passerby's and those walking in to purchase concert tickets.

I was delighted to collaborate with some talented artists such as Tyler Green a special FX makeup artist, featured on Face Off tv series & The Floor Lords, a Boston-based break dance crew.

BSO Thrill Ride


If someone had told me years ago that I would some day walk a thin tightrope nearly 60 feet up in the air I would have thought they were coo-coo and walked away. Long story short, I heard about slacklining through a friend. One day as I was practicing, a fellow slacker walked by and told me about a group that meets up weekly by the esplanade in Boston. The rest was history!

Balance 2

People jogging by would stop in their tracks asking "is the circus in town?" It was a sight to see! People from all walks of life joined together slacklining all over the place, juggling, uni-cycling and other activities. I would reply "no we're just jamming!" Their curiosity would get the best of them and they were inspired to give it a try.

There is something unique about this activity. You are met with brute realization that nothing is stable. Everything shakes and is uncertain. You're forced to move with the line and adapt. You remind yourself to breathe slowly, and narrow your focus in front of you. Slowly but surely everything blurs around you and once you arrive at the middle of the line..


...there is complete stillness. Your thoughts and breathing begin to slow down. It is so still your mind actually thinks it's not there for a split second and you are floating in air. This is the best way I can explain it whenever I'm asked why I do it. 

Wherever I travel around the world and see a slackfline, it puts a smile on my face. Slackline has only recently gained popularity, but we are still a small community so when we see each other, we instantly connect because of how welcoming and unique the culture is. Here is an image with a fellow slacker and his buddies I randomly met on the beach in Florida. We just laughed and traded slackfline tricks the whole time.

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